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Taking You to the Top

We provide a unique range of products, each one of which is tailored to our customer’s needs. We are able to say they are unique because we bring our own, very special, personal stories and personalities to the trainings. This makes what we do with our clients both individual and unique. No two clients are the same and, therefore, no two of our presentations and provisions is the same. We interact with our clients at a personal level, using the years of experience we have had to mould our delivery so that the interaction is fun and of value to both of us: our customers and ourselves.

We know that when you make an investment in yourself or your people to train with us, you are looking to make a return on that investment. What you want in terms of that return needs to be achieved, otherwise, no matter how good what we provide is, the value of spending time with us has not been worth the investment. Therefore, we map out with you exactly what it is that you want as an end outcome, and then we develop our interaction to achieve that end outcome. Whether it be knowledge, hard skills, a new attitude, altered behaviours, or better understanding, we gear the training to deliver against whatever developments you want to achieve, either in yourself or your people.

Community Cohesion

We are led by a clear morale compass that guides ustowards putting effort into creating a fair, stable and cohesive society that is a better place for us all to live.

We work to inspire, educate and create understanding, so that people are enabled to achieve beyond the current boundaries they set themselves. In so doing, we ignite aspiration and help people achieve personal fulfilment. This fulfilment is not based solely on material attainment though, it is based on widening the perspective of people to see beyond their own immediate needs and environment. In helping people have a wider perspective about the world we inhabit, rather than just the world they live in, we seek to make people more aware of the benefits of contributing to the greater good and thereby become effective members of their local community and thus society.

We run numerous programmes of training for schools and other educational services, watch our video. We support organisations and initiatives that seek to assist those in the community who want to bring about positive change in their lives. We are proud to support the LIVEWELL Campaign, those organisations who are addressing, physical and mental health issues in the community

We support young peoples groups such as the Scouts. We are associates of the ETE Schools Programme and deliver into Schools and universities.

We provide CV enhancement and personal development training to Universities and Further Education Organisations.

Corporate/Business Training

Why should you trust your people with us and invest your capital and time in to working with us? The answer is simple; we are a unique combination and we bring our very special qualities and characteristics to any corporate training development activity.

We offer the range of products outlined in our personal and team development sections, but set against your corporate needs. We do not provide ‘sheep-dip’ type training where one training fits all and nor do we expect clients to fit into a box that matches our training. Every training delivery is uniquely tailored to match the client’s needs and we combine elements of all of our trainings in order to achieve the desired outcome for our clients. When you are willing to trust someone to inspire, motivate, evaluate, engage, create understanding and develop, your people, the very people that your business depends upon, you are taking a huge risk. As with all things where there is something important at stake, it is being willing to take that risk that actually allows you to achieve your success. So we think that you deserve the best opportunity to achieve that success. There is always risk and what we offer is the option to make the most out of the risk you take. Like buying shares in a company, if you knew that company was definitely going to succeed and increase its worth many times over, you would invest as heavily as you could. We work on the same basis, you are investing in us to create an outcome that you want or need to happen. So as long as the outcome is ethical and non-manipulative, we can create the opportunity for your chosen outcomes to become a reality....Contact Us


We offer a range of training packages to suit individual needs. While some of our offerings are standard programmes based on our personal experiences of operating in expeditions settings, we focus on delivering bespoke packages, tailored to our client’s needs and/or their specific expedition objective. Some of our options are;

2 Day Basic Expedition Training Programme – Designed to equip someone with the basic skills necessary to operate in the outdoor environment.

2 Day Psychology of Expeditions Programme – Expeditions present people with the most demanding challenges and it is normal for behaviours to change in such circumstance. Understanding the nature of these changes by understanding some concepts of your own psychology and that of others will allow you to remain effective and achieve success.

1 Day Physical Performance Development Programme – Ensuring your fitness and health are the best they can be are essential components of mounting any expedition. We provide you with the opportunity to develop your capability.


Expedition Training Course

A training package developing expedition skills. This training is suitable for those who are mounting their own first expedition, or those conducting fieldwork activities. The training covers the basic psychology of team dynamics as well as how to develop a training plan and risk management. This training can also be delivered for Universities and they’re students preparing to embark on fieldwork activities.

Basic Outdoor Skills Training Programme

A training package designed to equip you with the basic skills necessary to operate in the outdoor environment. Ideal if you are heading out to do research and science or undertake field work.

Expedition Skills Training Package

A training package developing the skill set needed to undertake or be involved in a major expedition.

Psychology of Expeditions’ Training Package

Expedition success is measured in many ways. Achieving the objective is just one. Having a team who still want to talk to one another on their return is another. This is a programme designed to enable you to understand and manage your own and others’ behaviours in the expedition environment.

Leadership in the Expedition Environment

This package will equip you with an understanding of what it takes to be a leader in the expedition environment and also the pitfalls and challenges you might face, as well as some options to overcome them.


We have worked at the very pinnacle of leadership ourselves. At the very pinnacle there is a precipice on every side and so remaining balanced and continuing to operate effectively, despite the potentially catastrophic outcomes of failure, is what we have done. The same kind of knowledge, understanding, and realisations about leadership and working with people, cannot be gleaned from a book and this is what makes our offerings to you in this field so very special.

We have over 50 years of learning about leadership and we still don’t pretend to know all the answers. If anyone comes to you and tells you they have all the answers, then they haven’t been in very many leadership situations. We know that there isn’t one answer for every leadership situation. We also know that there isn’t one methodology, nor set of characteristics that work in every situation. We do know that the ability to make right choices about how to lead people, depends to great extent on understanding those people and their motivations, understanding yourself and your own motivations, being able to communicate your intent and how others may see things differently to you and how to develop a workable plan that everyone will buy into. We know that if people are not 100% committed to a plan then they are effectively just passengers or saboteurs in your team.

We know that there is never any completely right way for every situation and never any completely wrong way for any situation. The basis of all our Leadership Development is to bring about better understanding and engagement at all levels in the business structure you operate in. We deliver based against those things we have learned in the practical operation of leadership in some of the most demanding environments on earth, combined with lessons from various theoretical Leadership models.

Our key strategies for training operate against the following components; Functional Leadership, Perceptional Leadership and the influence of Perception on Leadership, Collaborative Leadership, and Values Led Leadership. To find out more Contact Us

Personal Development:

If you wish to enhance your own abilities or are aware of areas that your performance in certain areas could be improved, we offer a range of products tailored to your needs to achieve those aims. We can offer advice and guidance in improving physical ability, mental ability, executive hard skills (presenting effectively, public-speaking, leadership enactment), and performance enhancement by a combination of all three. To find out more Contact Us

Personal Coaching:

We all can be improved by having someone question what we are doing and for what reason we are doing it. If we have a desire, objective or passion, then having someone work with us to improve our performance can be all we need to make quantum leaps in our capability. In order to truly understand, then you have to experience. This statement sums up more than any other the way in which our coaching approach operates. As a result of our very unique backgrounds and the fact we have been at the very bottom of life’s ladder as well as progressed significantly towards the top, we understand the plethora of environments our clients operate in. Yes we understand what it is like to live rough, or be depressed, or face bereavement, or loss. We also know what it is like to operate at the other end of the scale and so we can understand the dilemmas that each of our clients face, be that in their personal, working, business or holistic life stages. From this vantage point we can work effectively with our clients to help them build appropriate resources to deal with their issues. We can create new understandings and engender more valid, flexible and empowering ways of thinking about issues to allow them to more forward to success. To find out more Contact Us

Physical Training

Public Speaking

We have travelled the globe working in some of the most amazing and some of the harshest environments believable.

We have such a range of personal stories from our remarkable adventures and histories, that we can hold the interest of audiences. We can also provide meaningful understandings to groups and have them inspired, motivated, or become, enquiring, considered, thoughtful or just simply enthused for life. We have presented to audiences of several hundreds and have lectured and presented at some internationally recognised events. We have given fun and thought provoking talks to every type of group, from major international organisations to disaffected youth to the Rotary Club of Great Britain.

We have achieved outstanding results and always highly praised feedback. If you want someone to come and inspire, thrill and engage your audience then we are fully capable of achieving that desire.

Some examples are: Rotary Club, RGS, AgustaWestland.


- Presentation Skills

A training package to enable individuals to become magical presenters. This programme is suitable for businesses and individuals who want to develop their communication skills. This is a practical training programme that puts participants in front of an audience. It covers the psychology of audience engagement and how to ensure key messages are absorbed by the audience.

- Simply Superb Presentations Skills

A training programme designed to equip you with the ability to communicate your message effectively and to any audience. You will hold attention and be both credible and coherent when you present in the future.

Team Development

We have spent over 50 years developing high performance teams and enabling them to operate in the most demanding of environments. If there is a need to make your team work better or operate more effectively we can provide advice and guidance to achieve that outcome. We have trained teams to work in some of the most challenging environments on the planet, as well as in the most demanding office based situations. As a result of our very special knowledge in understanding people and their motivations, we are able to offer programmes of training that allow teams to focus on their areas of performance strength and also on their weaknesses.

By identifying what makes them good and how they achieve those high performance characteristics, we can then apply the same characteristics to those areas where things aren’t working so well. We bring a range of hard and soft skill factors to these development programmes so that people understand themselves better and, in so doing, understand what is driving other people too. This new knowledge enables people to understand the dynamics of what is happing in their team or group, and so develop strategies for more effective performance and interaction within the team or group setting. To find out more Contact Us