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Paul Hart

Best known for his Adventure Travel writing for the Telegraph newspaper, Paul Hart’s career is somewhat more eclectic and comprehensive than this simple label might belie. Paul’s greater career focus has undoubtedly been helping others in their personal development, and providing training, guidance and feedback to facilitate them achieving their own ‘peak performance’.

With an impressive military background of 30 years of service, with both the Army and then the Royal Navy, including with the Parachute Regiment and the Royal Marines Commandos, Paul’s rich career profile has provided him with a unique perspective on ‘Self-Leadership’ and how to develop the physical and mental strength necessary to be resilient when faced with challenging situations.

In the military and now in ‘Civvy’ street, Paul has always been an avid expedition leader and has led groups to achieve various objectives right across the globe, from the Polar Regions to the Himalayas, and from Alaska to the Jungle. As part of those journeys of discovery, Paul has had to learn an awful lot about himself and how to work effectively within a team, even when leading the team. Such learning has been fundamental to his success when leading others in seriously challenging environments and life-threatening situations. He has worked in some of the most extreme conditions imaginable and survived some calamitous events. These include being avalanched, being blown off a Himalayan Ridge, being capsized in mountainous seas off the coast of Alaska and having his yacht come apart beneath him in storms in the Bay of Biscay.

Coming through such serious situations and dealing with them in the moment, when the outlook is poor and the likelihood of survival low, has provided Paul with significant insight into the lessons of leadership. Paul has learned just as much from those times when things went wrong as he has from when they went right and it is this duality of learning that provides Paul with an exceptional view on what it means to lead in a high-stress environment. Paul is now an advocate for ‘Collaborative Leadership’ and the need to be able to understand oneself before leading others.

Paul’s life story includes the hardships that many people experience, but go unremarked about and it is perhaps this that sets him apart as an inspirational motivator. From humble roots living in the streets of Manchester, through to sleeping rough as a teenager, Paul has attained some quite incredible achievements. He is now an elected Member of the prestigious St Moritz Tobogganing Club (otherwise known as the Cresta Club), which counts the nobility of Europe in its membership. He has gained a High Performance Master’s Degree specialising in International Law and International Economics, from Cambridge University. He is a qualified teacher, an Executive Coach, and a qualified Medic. He has also represented Great Britain in ‘Dragon-boating’.

Paul is also a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and regularly travels on expeditions that have an exploration and scientific basis. In 2012, Paul led a small team on the first crossing of the Antarctic Peninsula by man-haul to conduct cutting edge science. This project was in commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of his boyhood hero and fellow naval officer, Captain Robert Falcon Scott reaching the South Pole. This project drew on Paul’s original science degree in Oceanography, Meteorology and Geology, gained at Plymouth University. Paul’s extensive travels have alerted him to the issue surrounding global climate change and the 2012 project was focussed on providing evidence to reveal the reasons why the Antarctic Peninsula is the fastest warming part of the planet.

This trip and the desire to educate people about the changes in the Polar Regions, as well as the legacy of Scott’s leadership and contribution to science, saw Paul team up with fellow former Navy colleague, Antony Jinman, as part of an educational outreach programme for schools and colleges.

This original collaboration has since grown into a truly unique bond between Paul and Antony, based on their similar life experiences, their love of expeditions and travel, and a mutual desire to help others achieve their own aspirations. As such, Paul and Antony now work together to provide training and development opportunities to enable people to enhance their own personal attributes, be that as part of a team or in a leadership and expedition context.

Paul is a great believer in self-determination and taking responsibility for ones own life choices. He is keen to promote the virtues of a healthy lifestyle and looking after ones own well-being, in order to have a fulfilling and happy life. Paul regularly works with other organisations, individuals and businesses that support people in achieving these goals.

Paul bases his approach to life upon the words written in a cross above Captain Scott’s final resting place;

“To Strive, To Seek, To Find and Not to Yield” - - From Ulysses by Alfred Lord Tennyson,