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Who We Are.

We are Former Royal Navy Officer and Explorer Paul Hart & Renowned Polar Explorer Antony Jinman.

Guided by a clear morale compass to generate a cohesive community and united society, ETE Leadership works on the basic principles of: Respect, Inclusion and Self-Determination. Working outside the confines of other providers, ETE Leadership operates to Engage, Enrich and Enhance the lives of all those people it comes in contact with, thereby working to increase fulfilment and fun in everyday life.

As a result of the incredible experiences and life-events that we have endured and survived, but most of all learned from, we are able to engage with any audience, and challenge and provoke thought on Personal Performance, Self Development and Leadership; both Self-Leadership and what it means and takes to Lead others.

Enlivened by the vivid stories that we bring to any learning environment, we are able to captivate audiences and facilitate them to reflect on their own performances and what it means to serve others in order to be able to lead. The primary driver for ETE Leadership is: “To work with all people; the young, the unemployed, employees and employers alike, to create individual fulfilment and business success; thereby enriching our communities and our society in general.”

What we do.

We provide a range of training programmes and activities that support both individuals, groups and organisations. All of our training activities are tailored to individual needs and set against the customer’s individual requirements. We understand that no two audiences are the same and so, in order to allow people to get the most out of the training opportunity, it is essential that we adapt the training and the way we interact so that understanding and development are achieved.